EVENT: Ishikawa Garbage Pick-up and GPS Art Contest

Yassan will participate as a judge in the “Garbage Pickup and GPS art Contest,” an environmental cleanup event organized by Ishikawa Prefectural Government.The event is organized by the Living Environment Department of Ishikawa Prefecture as a fun and enjoyable way to pick up trash in order to reduce the generation of marine debris and to promote participation in cleanup activities. GPS art has spread from running culture to the general public, but it has also found its way into non-sporting fields. In other countries, GPS art is not only used on urban road networks, but also on beaches, deserts, and open spaces where there are no roads. The creation of GPS art in open spaces is only possible if the environment is maintained. For this reason, GPS art has been developed to raise awareness of environmental protection. Another trend is “progging,” a fitness activity that combines trash pickup and jogging, and is also fused...


Partnership agreement: Hokuriku SDGs Research Institute

Hokuriku GPS Art Club (Representative: Motoi Ishikawa), in which Yassan participates, has concluded a collaboration agreement with Hokuriku SDGs Research Institute (Representative: Yukio Takeda). The Hokuriku GPS Art Club plans to plan and manage events by utilizing the knowledge of GPS art that the club has cultivated. As a first step, a “GPS Art Run & Walk” will be held at the “Ninja-lympic 2023 Kanazawa Castle Games” from May 3. A course will be open to the public to paint motifs related to the region around Kanazawa Castle. We are exploring the potential of GPS art as a tool for regional revitalization, and through the agreement, further drives are now possible. GPS art is expected to play an active role as a tool to connect people to people and people to communities. We will increase the number of examples from Hokuriku and spread the culture of GPS art to Japan and the world. Hokuriku...

Girls Night Out

INFORMATION: Girls Night Out

Yassan was featured on the Korean variety talk show 걸스 나잇 아웃 (Girls Night Out). Chart talk show for young people, hosted by three of Korea’s top idols, Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona of Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena of IZ*ONE, Mnet stars are surveyed and voted on to determine their ranking. The ranking is determined by surveying and voting for the stars who appeared on Mnet programs. Yassan’s GPS art and his recent activities were featured as content during that program. It will be available via the Internet. We hope you will be able to watch it. 걸스 나잇 아웃(Girls Night Out) Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona from Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena from IZ*ONE will give a variety of talks on weekly theme-based rankings. Broadcast station: MnetBroadcast time: Every Monday 21:30Personality: Jang Doyoung (장도연), Cho Hyona (조현아: Urban Zakapa), Choi Yeena (최예나: IZ*ONE) HP

ninjalympic logo

INFOMATION: Ninjalympic 2023 in Kanazawa Castle

Yassan will participate in the urban sports festival “Ninjalympik 2023 Kanazawa Castle” as “Hokuriku GPS art club”. This event aims to promote and foster urban sports popular among young people, such as skateboarding, BMX, street dance, bouldering, and breakdancing. The Ninja Parkour Council, which has held national competitions in Ishikawa Prefecture, called for a gathering to promote urban sports beyond the boundaries of competitions, which led to its establishment. GPS art can also be seen as an urban sport that combines the city’s extensive road network and running/walking culture. Kanazawa City, the venue of the GPS Art event, is a city that was not affected by the war and has been a castle town for hundreds of years, and is characterized by its road network. We will continue to hold GPS art events that symbolize the history and culture of each region, and explore the potential of GPS art as a tool for regional revitalization. GPS...

Sakura GPS Run 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sakura Run 2023

Yassan is now presenting the 2023 edition of the “Sakura Run,” a GPS art course that takes you to famous cherry blossom viewing spots on, a GPS art course sharing website. This course is designed to draw cherry blossoms GPS art at cherry blossom viewing spots around Japan.The course is designed to visit scenic spots in each of the 47 prefectures of Japan, as well as famous spots that rank high in terms of number of visitors. The course is also designed to visit several cities around the world. The popularity of this course has been increasing year by year, and the number of cherry blossom GPS art fans is increasing. Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. It’s the perfect time to start running or walking. Please give GPS art a try this spring. LINK BACKGROUND: About “Sakura Run” Drawing Run (GPS art running) was born in the 2010s as...

Hokuriku GPS Art Club_logo

INFOMATION: Join on “Hokuriku GPS Art Club”

Yassan will join the “Hokuriku GPS Art Club (HGAC)”, a membership group of GPS art fans in the Hokuriku region. HGAC is an organization that plans and manages art events to deepen interactions among participants, and promotes activities that connect people to people and people to communities through GPS art.The Hokuriku region in particular has a long history, as documented in myths such as the “Nihon Shoki” and “Kojiki”, and has been less affected by war damage than other regions. Through GPS art, we will promote the charms of Hokuriku to the rest of Japan. As a first step, GPS art will be created in each city, town, and village in Ishikawa Prefecture, and will be combined into a single work of art called “Shokoku-Manyu Terrestrial Scrolls”. These works of art have been recognized as a supporting project for the “Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Cultural Festival” scheduled to be held in the fall of 2023.We will...



Yassan’s activities were featured on the U.S. online news site Big Think. This is a special feature on maps that might be related to Valentine’s Day. We are pleased to introduce GPS art and Yassan’s work as one of the 10 examples of maps related to Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, this article will encourage more people to use GPS art for their Valentine’s Day and proposal messages. ArticleHappy Valentine’s Day — in 10 maps! Big Think Big Think is a multimedia web portal established in 2007. It features interviews, presentations, and roundtable discussions with experts in a wide range of fields. Company  Big Think Website Twitter Facebook Instagram

Logo: ウォーキングのひむ太郎


Yassan will be a guest on “Himutaro of Walking” on BS Asahi on February 14. Usually a 30-minute program, this time it will be expanded to an hour as a special edition. Bananaman Himura (Japanese comedian) will try his hand at GPS art! Yassan has planned a special course around Asakusa and Skytree by Himura’s request. Please check it out! Since this program is dedicated to city touring and walking, we would like to challenge our viewers to try everyday walking and sightseeing … . We would be happy if it becomes a movement!☺✨ WALKING HIMUTARO Himutaro (Yuki Himura, Bananaman) walks around Tokyo, visiting his favorite places and places he has never been before. This is a brand-new health promotion program where you can enjoy physical exercise and always have a reward at the end. Broadcast station: BS AsahiBroadcast time: Every Tuesday 22:00 – 22:30Personality: Yuki Himura (Bananaman) Official HP



Yassan’s activities were featured on the global online news site Yahoo! Due to the impact of the worldwide media coverage last month, awareness of Yassan’s activities seems to be spreading to the North American and Israeli media, as GPS art itself has become so pervasive that it is no longer a special expressive activity. However, it seems to be evolving as a new form of message utilizing this expression. We hope that this article will help to spread the culture of drawing giant messages. ArticleThis wedding proposal set a world record in Japan Yahoo! Yahoo! is an US-based information technology company that provides Internet-related services. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Yahoo! operates Yahoo-branded Web services as well as media brands such as TechCrunch, AOL, Engadget, and RYOT. Company  Yahoo! Website Twitter Facebook Instagram

Zodiac GPS Run 2023, rabbits

ANNOUNCEMENT: Zodiac Run 2023

Yassan is now presenting the course and 2023 edition of the Zodiac Run, a GPS run of the Chinese zodiac, at, a GPS art course sharing website. This course allows visitors to draw GPS art of the Chinese zodiac sign “Rabbit” for the year 2023 at Hatsumode spots around Japan.Yassan’s course is designed to visit temples and shrines in all 47 prefectures of Japan, especially those with a strong connection to rabbits, as well as famous spots that rank high in the number of worshippers. We have also designed courses in several cities around the world. It’s a great opportunity to try a new running style in the new year. Please try a GPS run in the new year. LINK BACKGROUND: About “Zodiac Run“ Zodiac Run is the activity of drawing GPS art by running a route in the shape of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, a “drawing run” born in the...