mapbox/OpenStreetMap Online meetup #13

Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023 (online)

Yassan will be speaking at “mapbox/OpenStreetMap Online meetup #13”, an online talk event for the mapping industry in Japan. Admission is free and advance registration is required.

This is an exchange event between the web map service Mapbox and the OpenStreetMap user community.
Mapbox and Aoyama Gakuin University’s Furuhashi Lab have taken the lead in organizing this event since 2019 as a place for people from various positions to talk flatly about the future of web maps, with the aim of developing the community.

The theme of this session is “Run the streets with a map in your hand! This session will consider the future of services and activities that have emerged from the ability to freely record and share one’s travel history with those who are developing specific services and activities.

Yassan will be speaking about GPS art with Mr. Ishikawa of Hokuriku GPS Art Club. It is an academic forum, but we would like to make it lively with a friendly talk!

I know it’s late before the holidays, but if you are interested in ……, please stop by and see us….

mapbox/OpenStreetMap Online meetup #13

Since smartphones have been equipped with GPS/GNSS as standard equipment, people have been able to freely record and share their movement history. This will be an online meetup to discuss the role of maps in making life more enjoyable and healthy by using these people’s trajectories and real-time location information, and to think about the future with people who are specifically developing services and activities that utilize maps and location information.

Organizer: Mapbox Japan G.K. / OpenStreetMap Japan
Venue: Online
Date: Nov. 22 (Wed), 2023 19:00〜21:00
Admission: FREE!
*Advance registration is required.