EXHIBITION: Future Artists Tokyo

Will be exhibited in “Future Artists Tokyo,” a special exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo (AFT), the largest contemporary art market in Japan. Before the exhibition, the online gallery “Future Art Tokyo Collection (FAT Collection)” has been opened to the public. You can also see some of Yassan’s artworks here. Yassan will produce original videos of my GPS art Circle Walk series for this exhibition and sell NFT in Japanese Yen. This is probably the first time in the world that GPS art will be exhibited at an international art fair, and NFTs can be purchased in real currency, not cryptocurrency.This is a rare opportunity to see art from young artists to masters in one place. We hope you will come and enjoy the exhibition. When I started GPS Art in 2008, there was no system to sell GPS tracks on the art market. At that time, it was difficult to develop the field, but...



Have recently renewed my website. With the paradigm shift caused by the global corona disaster since the beginning of 2020, the environment surrounding GPS art has changed in the past two years.First of all, the number of GPS art enthusiasts has increased, especially among citizen runners.I myself was mainly creating large scale works, but due to behavioral restrictions, I have been creating more small and medium scale works. Also, the culture of sharing course plans has taken root. As this culture has taken root, I have been supervising and writing more about related events.On the other hand, information technology has also evolved due to behavioral restrictions. Digital art, which had been difficult to value, is rapidly penetrating the art industry, where exhibitions of physical art have become difficult. The main purpose of my activities has changed drastically, and I have encountered some problems that cannot be communicated on the conventional website. I would like...