Promoting the fascination of GPS art through such media as books and magazines.

Drawing on Earth: The Art of GPS Art

In this book, I share my passion for GPS art and the endless possibilities this new medium holds. As a pioneer in this field, I have pushed the limits of what can be achieved with GPS technology, using the urban landscape as my canvas to create innovative and captivating works of art.

Through this book, I hope to inspire others to explore the world of GPS art and to discover the joy and beauty that can be found in urban environments. Whether you are an artist, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and art, this book is for you.

With detailed instructions, practical tips, and stunning examples of GPS art from around the world, “Drawing on Earth” is the ultimate guide to this exciting new medium. Join me on a journey to explore the boundaries of what is possible with GPS art, and let’s create something beautiful together!

地球に描こう! GPSアート 表紙

J Discovery: GPS Art

As the creator of GPS art, I’m thrilled to be featured in J Discovery’s GPS Art special edition. In this issue, I want to showcase the unique appeal of Tokyo tourism through the lens of GPS art.

By using Tokyo’s streets as my canvas, I’ve been able to create art that reflects the city’s rich culture and history. In this special edition, I’ll share some of my favorite GPS art pieces in Tokyo and explain the inspiration behind each work.

Through my GPS art, I hope to encourage readers to explore Tokyo from a new perspective and discover the beauty and hidden gems that are often overlooked. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, GPS art is a fun and engaging way to experience the city in a new light.

I believe that Tokyo is a city full of endless possibilities for GPS art, and I’m excited to continue pushing the boundaries of this innovative art form in this dynamic and vibrant city.

J Distovery GPS Art 特集 表紙