Creating new values for more and more people through GPS drawing.

Yassan has been working in a variety of fields with the mission of creating a culture of drawing with GPS.

Yassan is a “roadscape artist” who makes art out of the records of his movements. Just as roads and buildings embody the results of human experience, his paths embody GPS logs of the experience of movement in the context of landscape.

British Land Art advocated the importance of using one’s body as a tool in the production of specific places. The concept of “sculpture” is born from the intertwining of one’s body and nature. Richard Long and other land artists emphasized the “spirituality of contact with nature. They revered the earth and atmosphere, and sublimated the act of interacting with them into art.

Yassan, on the other hand, focused on landscapes (roads) as a consequence of human activities. Roads and buildings are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of people’s lives piled up like layers, and the current landscape is a representation of the result. Using the current landscape, GPS art is considered as a device to experience the non-existent activities that took place there. In other words, we see GPS art as a tool to promote awareness and to experience the history and culture of the region.

Yassan draws something by moving, and at the same time, he uses it as an opportunity to experience the historical culture of the region. See how he interprets and traces the landscape and rearranges the “visit”.