Have participated in a variety of art projects.
Basically, our work is based on a concept that focuses on the “local character of the work” created through involvement with the local community.

Realize the Concept of Nigel Hall’s Artwork by GPS Drawing.

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The concept of Nigel Hall’s sculpture “Entrance to an Unnamed Land”, “the anxiety of entering an unnamed land and the trajectory of wandering in a psychological way”, was recreated with GPS drawings in the surrounding area of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the exhibition venue.
A text-based guide map was created and placed beside his work. By following the guide map, visitors can experience the concept of the work (wandering in a strange land with only a text-based map and the same sense of anxiety).

* Collaborated with Nobuyuki Hamamoto.

* Authorized by Nigel Hall.


Workshops” and “Artist Talk” were held as related events.
We made efforts to educate people about GPS art.

A Prayer for the End of the Plague drawn at the Site of the World’s Largest Sporting Event.


Exhibition held in September 2020 at AOYAMA STUDIO, a gallery space adjacent to Meiji Gaien. The instructions were displayed on a panel in the venue.
Visitors could take photos of the panels and draw GPS art by following the instructions written on the panels and walking around the outside of the gallery.

It took us about an hour and a half to make the rounds according to the instructions. The new national stadium, the main venue for the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed due to a worldwide plague at the time, was completed with an amabie (symbol of the end of the plague) that looked like an eye.


Spiral on display at Spiral.

Venue: Spiral Gallery

This is a GPS art work depicting a spiral around Spiral, a cultural facility in Aoyama.


Live GPS Art Drawn at a Live Concert Venue.

Venue: SONICART @Makuhari Messe

This is a live drawing of GPS art done at SONICART, an art space in the venue of the SUMMER SONIC music festival held in Makuhari.
During the festival, it left from the main venue, Makuhari Messe, and circled Tokyo Bay. The work was broadcasted on the Internet and could be viewed on a special monitor at the event site.


Raising East-West Issues in Ikebukuro

Venue: Art Gallery in Ikebukuro Station

Ikebukuro Station is one of the biggest terminals in Tokyo. There is a Seibu Department Store (it means “Western Department Store” literally) at the east exit and a Tobu Department Store (also “Eastern Department Store”) at the west exit. To address the confusing East-West problem, we drew “West” on the east exit and “East” on the west exit.
The works were displayed in an art gallery in the department store.