The Rugby World Cup has begun! Operation ONE TEAM”, a project to send the biggest yell to the Japanese national rugby team in history, has been further strengthened, and “ONE TEAM March! was born in various places in Japan.

On October 8, just before the match versus Argentina, the “ONE TEAM March @ Marunouchi” was held, using the entire Marunouchi area as a canvas on which to draw ONE TEAM on foot. The fans, who were recruited through the Marunouchi 15-chome Project, a rugby fan community, joined in the parade and cheerfully shouted “ONE TEAM”!
In addition, a victory prayer ceremony was held at the Rugby Shrine erected in the Marunouchi Building, inviting a priest from Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto. The shrine’s Shinto priests were invited from Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto to pray for the success of the Japanese national rugby team in the qualifying rounds.

It was an extremely difficult requirement, as the application announcement was made three days before the event and the application period was only one day, but the …… capacity was quickly filled! I felt the love for rugby….

Although Japan’s national team failed to qualify, the project to support Rugby with GPS art will continue until the 2027 Rugby World Cup in four years. Let’s keep the fire of Rugby fever alive and continue to send the biggest cheer to the Japanese Rugby team as one!

ONE TEAM Daisakusen (Operation ONE TEAM) Official Website:

Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.

The project has been developed by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. since 2018 under the concept of “a town where you can encounter the new charm of rugby”. It is a rugby community where novice fans (“niwaka-fan” called in Japan) and core fans can enjoy as One Team.

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