Yassan has released a course on, a GPS art course sharing site, where visitors can draw the “Saitama Pose,” a signature pose of Saitama Prefecture residents, in time for Saitama Citizens’ Day.

You can draw “Saitama Pose” around Saitama Prefecture. 14 November is Saitama Citizens’ Day. It was established in 1971 to commemorate the almost 100th anniversary of the birth of Saitama Prefecture. The truth is that it was born on November 14 of the lunar calendar, which is the origin of the almost 100th anniversary. Various events are held around this day every year in the prefecture.

Saitama Pose was created by choreographer Dancer Maki. The middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger represent the feathers of Saitama’s prefectural bird “Shirakobato (pigeon)”, while the index finger and thumb represent the “tama (ball)” of Saitama. 2015 saw its popularity among high school girls in the prefecture, which was picked up by the media, and in 2019 it was adopted as a pose to show unity of the Saitama Liberation Front in the movie “Fly Me to the Saitama”, becoming famous nationwide. It became famous nationwide.

Saitama Pose is now firmly established as the identity of Saitama residents. Please walk and run around the prefecture and draw Saitama Pose on the ground.