I, Yassan, am fascinated by the new form of expression called GPS art, and I am dedicated to using this technology to transform urban spaces into my canvas. GPS art is a groundbreaking technology that allows us to create new designs and stories while utilizing the infrastructure of the city, and I am determined to maximize its potential.

My goal is to combine the artistic and technical aspects of GPS art. GPS art is an art form made possible by using new technology, and I am creating new works of art by maximizing the use of this technology. However, my ultimate goal is to avoid the technology becoming the main subject of the art and to always pursue artistic expression.

My main purpose in creating GPS art is to provide people with new perspectives and to create new entertainment and cultural value in urban spaces. GPS art is a new art form that allows us to view urban landscapes, culture, and history from a new perspective, and I aim to expand its potential worldwide.

As one of the pioneers of GPS art, I aim to introduce this technology to people all over the world and provide them with new emotional experiences and values in their lives. The GPS art pieces that I create always incorporate new ideas and innovative technologies, and I aim to continue captivating people all over the world.

Through GPS art, I hope to make urban spaces more beautiful and provide people with diverse perspectives. As a world-renowned expert in GPS art, I will continue to maximize its potential and provide people all over the world with new emotional experiences and values.

Yassan in Colombo