I am creating “GPS Art,” in which I draw art on the earth based on the record of my movements with Global Positioning System (GPS).

In 2008, to create the world’s largest marriage proposal to my wife, I drew the first GPS art …… that traversed the Japanese archipelago and drew a global message. The resulting Guinness World Record certification recognized me worldwide as a pioneer in GPS art.


I see GPS art as “a tool to experience local history and culture. By moving around, I draw something, and at the same time, I touch the historical culture and deepen my understanding of the region.

The reason I took the above view is that through my first GPS art trip (a trip across Japan), I was touched by the charms of many regions that I had only known about in books. I was also deeply interested in landscape roads as a consequence of human activity.
Streets and buildings are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of people’s lives, layered on top of each other, and the current landscape exists as a representation of the results of that layering. The landscape is also changing daily due to urbanization and depopulation. By reading the current landscape through human movement and archiving it by GPS, I am creating GPS art, which is a trajectory that can only be made at that time.


Not only produces GPS art, but also focuses on projects that promote GPS art and make it a part of the culture.
There are two main lines of activity.

The first is to make more people aware of GPS art and to have them experience it firsthand.
When I started GPS art, no one knew how to express it because of its newness. There were no smartphones and GPS was not yet recognized, so it was necessary to first expand awareness of the fact that “you can draw pictures by moving around using GPS.
I am working to increase public awareness through collaborations with corporate advertisements, events, TV programs, and publications. Also, focusing on fostering fans by having people who have actually experienced the product become fans.

GPS art has exploded in popularity, especially among citizen runners, due to the action restrictions imposed by the Corona disaster. On the other hand, it has become a method of expression with a strong image as popular art or subculture. This is because there was no mechanism to handle GPS data in the art market. However, with the development of technology represented by NFT, we have now entered a phase where it is possible to achieve this.
As a pioneer in the popularization of GPS art, I will establish a system to recognize and distribute GPS art in the art market.

Yassan in Colombo