kanazawa marathon 2023

The results of the “Kanazawa Marathon 2023 GPS Art Contest,” in which Yassan joined as a jury, are now available.
We received entries from all over Japan that were filled with love for Kanazawa city and Ishikawa pref. As the number of fans increased, the quality of the artworks increased, and even those that were not selected were of sufficient quality. It was very difficult to choose the winners…

I see the potential of GPS art as content that contributes to the development of local areas. Hopefully, we will be able to expand this movement throughout Japan and the world.

金沢マラソン2023 最優秀賞作品

Grand Prix: “Kaga Yuzen Nagashi” by Kantoku

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Results of the “Kanazawa Marathon 2023 GPS Art Contest,” Kanazawa City Sports Organization

Kanazawa Marathon Online 2023 GPS Art Contest Official HP


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