Yassan created GPS art for “Palette Parade! 3 FINAL,” a project in which the Japanese girl idol group Palette Parade challenges themselves with various ordeals in order to grow further.

Total length is 300km! Complete it together! GPS Art Challenge

All the members worked together to create a 300km-long GPS art challenge. The members drew what was on the route they took, and what they had drawn was announced at the concert “Parechare! 3 FINAL” held on February 12, 2012.


Part 1:
In each region (Kyoto, Aichi, Yamanashi, Kanagawa, and Tokyo), complete a circuit of about 60 km from the starting point on a designated course. All five participants must complete the route together to complete a single work!

Part 2:
Members can challenge missions at checkpoints set every 10 km.
If the mission succeeds, they can turn the roulette wheel for car or bicycle, and if they fail, they can turn the roulette wheel for bicycle or on foot, and they can use those means to get to the next checkpoint.
In the case of a car, a challenge is made at the 5 km point, and if the mission is completed, the driver continues on foot. If you fail, you must walk from that point. If you succeed in the next challenge for a car, you must use a bicycle.

Part 3:
The last 3km must be completed on your own feet.


  • 2/5 (Mon) Nakano Koharu, Kyoto
  • 2/6 (Tue) Aoi Uta, Aichi
  • 2/7 (Wed) Shirakawa Chihiro, Yamanashi
  • 2/8 (Fri) Morizuki Otoha, Kanagawa
  • 2/9 (Sat) Higa Yumeno, Tokyo
パレちゃレ!3 FINAL GPSアートの概要


GPS Arts

The letters of the “National Tour (全国ツアー)” were successfully completed!
Each letter is about 60 km long, and it must have been difficult to move around while reading the map … . The locations where the GPS art was drawn (Kyoto/Aichi/Yamanashi/Kanagawa/Tokyo) are linked to the actual venues where the live tour will be held.


Even staff members also drew GPS art in secret!
This one may have been more challenging in terms of distance and complexity. …… We are glad it was completed successfully anyway.


In addition to the national tour, Palette Parade has decided to release an EP and an album, which is a big deal. I am honored to have this work engraved on a page of their history.

GPS art was used as a means of mass messaging and support.
The members and staff must have had a hard time producing and distributing it, but the sense of accomplishment and the buzz must have been great. I hope that there will be more examples of the use of GPS art as an event to send messages to the fans.

Palette Parade

Palette Parade is a Japanese girls’ idol group formed in July 2021. They are also known as “Parepare”.
The five members are Aoi Uta, Higa Yumeno, Nakano Koharu, Shirakawa Chihiro, and Morizuki Otoha.
They are going to release a national tour and an EP/album on February 12, 2024.

Palette Parade Official Website:

Palette Parade