Yassan’s activities were featured on the U.S. online news site Big Think. This is a special feature on maps that might be related to Valentine’s Day. We are pleased to introduce GPS art and Yassan’s work as one of the 10 examples of maps related to Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, this article will encourage more people to use GPS art for their Valentine’s Day and proposal messages. ArticleHappy Valentine’s Day — in 10 maps! Big Think Big Think is a multimedia web portal established in 2007. It features interviews, presentations, and roundtable discussions with experts in a wide range of fields. Company  Big Think Website Twitter Facebook Instagram

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Yassan will be a guest on “Himutaro of Walking” on BS Asahi on February 14. Usually a 30-minute program, this time it will be expanded to an hour as a special edition. Bananaman Himura (Japanese comedian) will try his hand at GPS art! Yassan has planned a special course around Asakusa and Skytree by Himura’s request. Please check it out! Since this program is dedicated to city touring and walking, we would like to challenge our viewers to try everyday walking and sightseeing … . We would be happy if it becomes a movement!☺✨ WALKING HIMUTARO Himutaro (Yuki Himura, Bananaman) walks around Tokyo, visiting his favorite places and places he has never been before. This is a brand-new health promotion program where you can enjoy physical exercise and always have a reward at the end. Broadcast station: BS AsahiBroadcast time: Every Tuesday 22:00 – 22:30Personality: Yuki Himura (Bananaman) Official HP