GPS Art as a Tool to Read Urban and Suburban Brackish Waters.

“Circle Walk” is a series of artworks that record the expression of the city through walking. The present state of the city, born as an extension of human activity, is captured by GPS logger.

The experience of using GPS to draw around the world as a canvas led me to think about urbanization and its processes, and I began to work on it as a theme.

All Circle Walks are regular circles with a radius of 3.1415 km centered on the center of the community. This distance is the brackish water area between the city center and the suburbs.
By keeping a common distance from the center, the expansion of each city and the nature of resistance are visualized. Along the way, residential areas, schools, golf courses, factories, warehouses, fields, and wooded areas …… coexist with human and natural activities, creating a unique expression.
The same city can also be a different circle depending on the day you walk through it. Roads grow daily, facilities open and close, and off-limits areas due to weather and construction …….

The interplay of those interferences and Yassan’s walking draws the most perfect circular path in the city that day.

GPS Drawing: Tokyo Circle Walk
Chuo ward, Tokyo The Kilometre Zero of Japan 14 March 2021
GPS Drawing: Saitama Circle Walk
Saitama city, Saitama pref. Omiya Station 3 May 2021
GPS Drawing: Kasukabe Circle Walk
Kasukabe, Saitama pref. Kasukabe Sta. 15 May 2021
GPS Drawing: Kawagoe Circle Walk
Kawagoe, Saitama pref. The Time Bell 24 May 2021
GPS Drawing: Koshigaya Circle Walk
Koshigaya, Saitama pref. Statues of Awaodori 12 June 2021
GPS Drawing: Kawaguchi Circle Walk
Kawaguchi, Saitama pref. SKIP City 26 June 2021
GPS Drawing: Urawa Circle Walk
Saitama city, Saitama pref. Statue of Urawa-unako 19 Sep. 2021
GPS Drawing: Warabi Circle Walk
Warabi, Saitama pref. Warabi Station 24 Sep. 2021
GPS Drawing: Shinjuku Circle Walk
Shinjuku ward, Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Government 3 Nov. 2021
GPS Drawing: Nishitokyo Circle Walk
Nishitokyo, Tokyo Nishitokyo City Office 23 Nov. 2021