Based on the policy that “GPS art should be site-specific art,” I have been consistently focusing on location since the beginning.
Focusing on the regional nature of GPS art, we are also engaged in activities connected with regional PR.

Realize the Concept of the Mascot Character of Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture’s official mascot character “Chii-ba-kun” was created based on the silhouette of Chiba Prefecture.
In order to recreate this concept, he actually ran and biked around Chiba Prefecture along the prefectural border and drew it by GPS.

* Supported by EPSON and Chiba Prefectural Office.


A Full-size “Ikebukuro”

It is said that the topography of Toshima-ku, where Ikebukuro is located, resembles an owl with its wings spread, which is why there are many owl sculptures around Ikebukuro. The mascot character of Toshima Ward, “Toshima-kun,” is also based on an owl motif.
I actually circled the border of Toshima Ward and created a full-size owl.

* Exhibited at “Shin Ikebukuro Montparnasse”.


Drawn Characters Related to the Region

I am presenting a series of local drawings of characters (yuru-chara) that were created for the purpose of promoting the local community.

In addition to the actual production, also encourage local PR through workshops and open courses with local residents.


Drawn Motifs Related to the Region

As a new tourism resource and as a way to promote the region, draw the local specialties, products, and place names.

The course is widely available on gpsart.info, a website run by myself. The course is widely available at gpsart.info.