Yassan is joining “Walk in Her Shoes 2024,” a new project that combines international cooperation with GPS art: “Let’s Walk and Draw a ‘C’ on the Earth! Let’s start GPS art!”

During the event, a GPS art contest to draw a “C” will be held. In addition, a walking event tied up with Live Run will be held simultaneously in Tokyo and Kanazawa on April 20 (Sat.).

Before the event, Yassan will be speaking on YouTube Live. No registration is required in advance for participation.
Yassan will be talking about GPS art with Mr. Ishikawa of the Hokuriku GPS Art Club and GPS art enthusiast Korotama. Although the topic is not entirely maniacal, we would like to make the talk more relaxed and lively!

GPS art will be used as a means of international cooperation campaign.

Walk in Her Shoes 2024″ is an international campaign to support women who have to take on domestic responsibilities such as fetching water and managing water on the occasion of World Women’s Day. ……
Several events related to this campaign will be held. One of them is “Let’s Walk, Let’s Draw a “C” on the Earth, Let’s Start GPS Art!” For each post, 200 JPY will be donated by the sponsors.

Hope you will join the campaign by drawing a “C” on your GPS.

Walk in Her Shoes 2024

Walk in Her Shoes 2024 is a simple and healthy international cooperation that puts itself in the shoes of women and girls who have to walk every day to fetch water.
Everyday thousands of women and girls, all over the world, have no choice but to walk many miles to fetch water for their families. Water that is often dirty. Their daily routine deprives them of the chance to have an education, a job, and traps them in a cycle of poverty.
CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes is a healthy and flexible challenge, trying to understand the feelings of women and girls living in poverty and raise funds to support them. This year is 13th anniversary.
Your entry fee and donation through this campaign will go to CARE International Japan working around the world to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We put women and girls in the center because we know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Campaign Coordinator: CARE Internationl Japan
Official Homepage:

1. GPS Art Contest: Let’s Walk and Draw a “C on the Earth! Let’s start GPS art!

Draw the “C” of CARE with GPS art and post it on SNS.
For every post, 200 JPY will be donated by the sponsor companies.
Let’s walk and draw a “C” on the earth and start GPS art! Let’s all participate in the “Let’s draw a “C” for CARE on the earth and send the message to the world!

How to Participate:

Draw a GPS artwork of “C” and post the image on Instagram / Facebook / X with the hashtag #歩く国際協力 #WalkingInternationalCollaboration.

Venue: Online 
Date: April 20 (Sat),2024〜May 31 (Fri)
Admission: FREE!
*Advance registration NOT required.

2. Real Event: GPS Art Walk with Live Run

A walking event in conjunction with Live Run, where participants will draw a GPS artwork of “C” in less than an hour’s walk. Simultaneously held in Tokyo and Kanazawa.

● Tokyo Venue
Date: April 20 (Sat), 2024 8:50~10:30
Meeting place: In front of Roppongi Tsutaya (6-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
Admission: FREE!
No advance registration required
More Details:

● Kanazawa Venue
Date: April 20 (Sat), 2024 8:50~10:30
Meeting place: in front of the Shiratori statue, Shiratori Road, Sotobori Park (1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa pref.)
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
Admission: FREE!
*Advance registration is required. モシコム
More Details:

3. Online Talk Event: Let’s Walk and Draw a “C” on the Earth!

What is GPS Art? What can GPS Art do? We will answer your questions.
This is a pre-event to discuss with guests how to enjoy the new project “Let’s Walk and Draw a “C” on the Earth!

Venue: Online
Date: April 18 (Thu), 2024 19:30~
Admission: FREE!
*Advance registration NOT required.
Speaker: Yassan Motoi Ishikawa (Hokuriku GPS Art Club) Korotama
More Details: