Operation ONE TEAM”, the project to send the biggest yell in history to the Japanese Rugby team, was completed and delivered to the Japanese Rugby team. (Yassan supervised the GPS artwork.)

The distance traveled by the ale car was 6,427 km, and more than 13,000 yells were collected. On August 15, the day of the players’ send-off ceremony, we gave a yell to the players in front of the Marunouchi Rugby Shrine. The collection of yellows will continue during the Rugby World Cup.
The collected yells are distributed on the official X (former Twitter), advertised in newspapers and TV commercials, and shown in a short documentary on YouTube.

We will continue to hold Yell events using GPS art. We will fill the whole of Japan with yell to further support the national team.

The project to support the Japanese national rugby team with GPS art is still going on…. We hope you will join us in sending the biggest yell!

ONE TEAM Daisakusen (Operation ONE TEAM) Official Website:

ONETEAM大作戦 新聞広告

Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.

The project has been developed by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. since 2018 under the concept of “a town where you can encounter the new charm of rugby”. It is a rugby community where novice fans (“niwaka-fan” called in Japan) and core fans can enjoy as One Team.

Official Website: