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Yassan’s artist activities were introduced in SoftBank News, a web magazine by SoftBank Group that introduces interviews with experts and artists as well as small stories useful for daily life under the theme of “IT x Lifestyle”. Yassan’s work was introduced in a brief overview of GPS art and how to create it. Yassan also drew SoftBank’s mascot, Otosan-dog (a white Shiba Inu), in Tokyo. In addition to the social distance of the times, the online marathon that was derived from the social distance has brought about a change in GPS art in the form of a fusion with the group run culture. As a bearer of the culture, I will continue to strive to spread the joy of drawing with GPS. The article is available to Softbank subscribers and non-subscribers alike on our official website. We hope you will take a look! SoftBank News Articles on SoftBank Corp.’s businesses, people, CSR activities, financials...



Yassan will appear on “THE SEITARO ☆ RADIO SHOW 1700” on NACK5, a radio station for Saitama residents. This is a live radio program by Seitaro Ohno, an expert on GPS art, and we hope to convey the full appeal of GPS art. We hope he can convey the visual art expression that “a moving track becomes a picture” through the audio media! We are very excited to be appearing for the first time in Saitama, Yassan’s hometown, and on NACK5, which every resident of Saitama Prefecture adores! Saitama is flat and has many roads, which is ideal for GPS art. We would be very happy if it becomes a movement!☺✨ THE SEITARO★RADIO SHOW 1700 The live broadcast program is sent by radio listeners as “50 minutes from 5:00 p.m. to end the day! Broadcast station: FM NACK5Broadcast time: Every Monday – Thursday 17:00 – 17:50Personality: Seitaro Ohno Official HP