Yassan has announced a new course on, a GPS art course sharing site, with the logo “Ganbaro! Noto,” which supports the Noto Peninsula.

You can draw “Ganbarou! Noto” can be drawn in cities all over Japan. Ishikawa Prefecture is called the “Thumb Prefecture” because the Noto Peninsula stretches from Honshu to the Sea of Japan and looks like a thumb sticking out. We designed a logo that crosses the Noto Peninsula with the pose of a hand holding up a thumb, and we made it possible to support the Noto Peninsula by drawing GPS art of the logo in the local community.
The idea of “Ganbarou! Noto” was inspired by the idea of Motoi Ishikawa, the leader of the “Hokuriku GPS Art Club,” which is active mainly in Ishikawa Prefecture.

It is difficult for us to go to the area to support the victims. As an opportunity to raise funds for the relief efforts, we would like to invite you to paint the ground of “Ganbarou! Noto” on the ground as an opportunity to raise funds for the relief efforts.