ギネス世界記録 ロゴ

Yassan’s record “the Largest GPS Drawing” was featured in an article by Guinness World Records.

The fact that it was actually treated as an article by the recording organization made it one of the most representative records in the world with over 65,940. (as of June 2024).
Yassan’s recent activities, including the story behind the creation of his work that led to the record, were covered in the article. At the time of certification, GPS itself was not recognized, but now that GPS art has spread to the general public, it has led to this interview. It is very moving to think that it was this Guinness World Record that triggered public recognition of Yassan’s work.

Yassan’s work became the world’s first GPS art record, and as awareness spread, the subgenre grew. Today, enthusiasts around the world continue to challenge the record, and the fact that it was his own proposal that started it all is a …… life you never know.

I hope this article will encourage more people to start GPS art.

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