Colorful Fifteen ロゴ

Yassan has collaborated with Toshiaki Hirose (former captain of the Japanese national rugby team) to present a series of rugby GPS artworks entitled “Colorful Fifteen”.
The artwork was created from the data of GPS devices worn by Keio University players during the 100th Rugby Waseda-Keio match held on November 23 last year. The created artwork was donated to Keio University Rugby Football Club.

This artwork is a fusion of sports and art, born from Hirose’s desire to promote rugby and Yassan’s potential in GPS art.

Rugby is a sport of diversity. The fastest player, the biggest player, the best thinker, the one who jumps into the crisis in front of him, the one who has a bird’s-eye view of the whole. …… The individuality and characteristics of each player are utilized and organized, and the team works organically to win the game. The decision to make a move in one-tenth of a second can be the difference between victory and defeat.
Using the field as a canvas, the 15 dynamic personalities of the players have been sublimated into art by replacing them with tracks of 15 different colors.

We will create a system to sell artwork and goods of the traces of memorable matches, including those won, those lost in frustration, and those in which the player you favor played an active role. …… We will also support Rugby itself by donating a portion of the proceeds to support organizations.

Colorful Fifteen

Rugby players wear GPS devices in their games. The tracks of these players are turned into GPS art in a palette of 15 colors.
The game they won, the game they regrettably lost, the game in which their favorite player played… The traces of memorial games are sold as art and goods.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support organizations.

Toshiaki Hirose

Former Japanese rugby union player, captain of Japan’s 15-man national team and Japan’s 7-man national team. Representative Director of HiRAKU Co.
Assistant team director of Japan’s 15-man men’s national team from June 1, 2024.

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