Girls Night Out

Yassan was featured on the Korean variety talk show 걸스 나잇 아웃 (Girls Night Out).

Chart talk show for young people, hosted by three of Korea’s top idols, Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona of Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena of IZ*ONE, Mnet stars are surveyed and voted on to determine their ranking. The ranking is determined by surveying and voting for the stars who appeared on Mnet programs.

Yassan’s GPS art and his recent activities were featured as content during that program.

It will be available via the Internet. We hope you will be able to watch it.

걸스 나잇 아웃(Girls Night Out)

Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona from Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena from IZ*ONE will give a variety of talks on weekly theme-based rankings.

Broadcast station: Mnet
Broadcast time: Every Monday 21:30
Personality: Jang Doyoung (장도연), Cho Hyona (조현아: Urban Zakapa), Choi Yeena (최예나: IZ*ONE)


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