Girls Night Out

INFORMATION: Girls Night Out

Yassan was featured on the Korean variety talk show 걸스 나잇 아웃 (Girls Night Out). Chart talk show for young people, hosted by three of Korea’s top idols, Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona of Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena of IZ*ONE, Mnet stars are surveyed and voted on to determine their ranking. The ranking is determined by surveying and voting for the stars who appeared on Mnet programs. Yassan’s GPS art and his recent activities were featured as content during that program. It will be available via the Internet. We hope you will be able to watch it. 걸스 나잇 아웃(Girls Night Out) Jang Doyoung, Cho Hyona from Urban Zakapa, and Choi Yeena from IZ*ONE will give a variety of talks on weekly theme-based rankings. Broadcast station: MnetBroadcast time: Every Monday 21:30Personality: Jang Doyoung (장도연), Cho Hyona (조현아: Urban Zakapa), Choi Yeena (최예나: IZ*ONE) HP

Logo: ウォーキングのひむ太郎


Yassan will be a guest on “Himutaro of Walking” on BS Asahi on February 14. Usually a 30-minute program, this time it will be expanded to an hour as a special edition. Bananaman Himura (Japanese comedian) will try his hand at GPS art! Yassan has planned a special course around Asakusa and Skytree by Himura’s request. Please check it out! Since this program is dedicated to city touring and walking, we would like to challenge our viewers to try everyday walking and sightseeing … . We would be happy if it becomes a movement!☺✨ WALKING HIMUTARO Himutaro (Yuki Himura, Bananaman) walks around Tokyo, visiting his favorite places and places he has never been before. This is a brand-new health promotion program where you can enjoy physical exercise and always have a reward at the end. Broadcast station: BS AsahiBroadcast time: Every Tuesday 22:00 – 22:30Personality: Yuki Himura (Bananaman) Official HP

Kim Gura's Latte 9

INFORMATION: Kim Gura’s Latte 9 (김구라의 라떼9)

Yassan and his artist activities were featured on the Korean variety talk show 김구라의 라떼9 (Kim Gura’s Latte 9). It is a talk show hosted by Kim Gu-ra (김구라), a popular Korean comedian.He was ranked third in the storyline in a ranking format, and was able to explain the depth of GPS art through his friendly talk. GPS art will be a huge message that can be realized by one person, so it is good for a surprise like a marriage proposal…. It would be great if it becomes a movement around the world! Kim Gura’s Latte 9 (김구라의 라떼9) A ranking program in which Kim Gura, the showbiz’s most powerful storyteller and master of “miscellaneous thievery,” chooses a topical issue each week and tells surprising backstories and episodes from his latte days …. Broadcast station: Channel SBroadcast time: Every Wednesday 21:20 – 22:20Personality: Kim Gu-ra (김구라) Official HP

Kim Milyoner Olmak İster?

INFORMATION: Kim Milyoner Olmak İster?

Yassan’s GPS artwork was featured as a quiz question on “Kim Milyoner Olmak İster (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?),” a popular Turkish public quiz show. Especially for large scale GPS art, it may be easy to make a quiz question in the form of what to draw, because drawing itself becomes a story. It would be great if GPS art becomes popular in Turkey as a result of this. English Translation: Which is the Turkish translation of the sentence written in GPS art by Yasushi Takahashi, who traveled 7164 km in 6 months and was registered in the Guinness World Records for drawing the world’s largest GPS? A- I love youB- Hello worldC- Marry meD- Yasushi who wrote this Kim Milyoner Olmak İster? is a Turkish game show based on the original British format of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. The program was broadcast from August 2, 2011. Broadcast station: A...