Hokuriku GPS Art Club (Representative: Motoi Ishikawa), in which Yassan participates, has concluded a collaboration agreement with Hokuriku SDGs Research Institute (Representative: Yukio Takeda).

The Hokuriku GPS Art Club plans to plan and manage events by utilizing the knowledge of GPS art that the club has cultivated. As a first step, a “GPS Art Run & Walk” will be held at the “Ninja-lympic 2023 Kanazawa Castle Games” from May 3. A course will be open to the public to paint motifs related to the region around Kanazawa Castle.

We are exploring the potential of GPS art as a tool for regional revitalization, and through the agreement, further drives are now possible.

GPS art is expected to play an active role as a tool to connect people to people and people to communities. We will increase the number of examples from Hokuriku and spread the culture of GPS art to Japan and the world.


Hokuriku SDGs Research Institute

The Hokuriku SDGs Research Institute is working from multiple perspectives to build a system for a sustainable, recycling-oriented society so that humankind can enjoy the benefits of the Earth in perpetuity.

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