sakura run 2022

Started to release the 2022 version of the Sakura Run courses on, the route sharing site of GPS Art.

It is a course where you can draw GPS art of cherry blossoms at Hanami spots all over Japan. Citizen runners have been running these courses as a way to avoid crowds and enjoy the cherry blossoms.
I have already released 99 courses in 47 prefectures, starting in the spring of 2020. Planning to release more courses in all prefectures this spring.

Thank you for your continued support! Sakura Courses


The “GPS run” was born in the 2010s as a fusion of GPS drawing and running culture. As a non-competitive sport, the number of enthusiasts is increasing, especially among citizen runners.
The 2020 Corona disaster was a turning point, and it has spread as a new motivation to run instead of competing in marathons. It has been adopted as “GPS run”, “GPS marathon” and “Stravart” in magazines for runners and citizen marathons.