Will be exhibited in “Future Artists Tokyo,” a special exhibition at Art Fair Tokyo (AFT), the largest contemporary art market in Japan.

Before the exhibition, the online gallery “Future Art Tokyo Collection (FAT Collection)” has been opened to the public. You can also see some of Yassan’s artworks here.

Yassan will produce original videos of my GPS art Circle Walk series for this exhibition and sell NFT in Japanese Yen. This is probably the first time in the world that GPS art will be exhibited at an international art fair, and NFTs can be purchased in real currency, not cryptocurrency.
This is a rare opportunity to see art from young artists to masters in one place. We hope you will come and enjoy the exhibition.

When I started GPS Art in 2008, there was no system to sell GPS tracks on the art market. At that time, it was difficult to develop the field, but nowadays I feel that the progress of …… technology has greatly contributed to solving the bottleneck.
I would appreciate your support!

Art Fair Tokyo 2022

One of the largest international art fairs in Japan. Its predecessor was the Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF), which started in 1992 and was Asia’s first large-scale contemporary art fair.
It is now held in a form that includes Japanese antiques and modern art, and functions as the center of the art market.

Venue: Tokyo International Forum, Hall E / Lobby Gallery
Dates: March 10 (Thu) – 13 (Sun), 2022
Admission 5,000 yen (day ticket) / 4,000 yen (advance ticket)
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Future Art Tokyo Collection (FAT Collection)

A special exhibition to be held at Art Fair Tokyo.
The purpose of the exhibition is to give young artists more practical experience and to create artists who can be active internationally.

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