Yassan’s works were selected for exhibition at Cube.Moscow, an art space in Moscow.

Only works selected from the FAT Collection will be exhibited. The venue, Cube.Moscow, is located in the basement of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel near the Kremlin’s Red Square, where is a center of culture and the arts, so it seems to attract many highly sensitive and affluent people.
As a representative of Japan, I hope to spread GPS art as fine art in Moscow.

Starting with this exhibition, Yassan’s GPS art will be exhibited in art markets around the world.
The distribution of artworks has been difficult due to the restrictions on movement caused by the Corona disaster. Even so, I realize the importance of digital artworks and NFTs, which are easy to transport.

GPS art has been attracting attention mainly from citizen runners, but now it’s time to enter the global art market. Thank you for your support!

Future Artists Tokyo 2022 Moscow

An exhibition of NFT art selected from works in the FAT Collection. On February 24 and 25, the opening day of the exhibition, there will be an “Art Weekend” for art collectors and fans in Moscow.

Venue: Cube.Moscow 125 009, Russia, Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 3, -2nd floorThe building of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow.
Dates: Feb. 24 (Fri) − 13 (Sun), 2022 11:00 ‒ 19:00
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Added on February 24.

It’s complicated because the date of the event and the opening day of the war overlap. But the venue’s website said that the event would start on February 26. I wonder when it was changed?

Here’s the world’s largest GPS drawing #PEACEonEarth , created in 2015.
It is literally a “one peace message drawn on the earth by people around the world“. It was created by traveling around the world and asking local residents to turn on and off GPS.
I hope you will take a look and realize the importance of peace in this unstable world.