Yassan’s activities were featured on the U.S. online news site Big Think. This is a special feature on maps that might be related to Valentine’s Day. We are pleased to introduce GPS art and Yassan’s work as one of the 10 examples of maps related to Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, this article will encourage more people to use GPS art for their Valentine’s Day and proposal messages. ArticleHappy Valentine’s Day — in 10 maps! Big Think Big Think is a multimedia web portal established in 2007. It features interviews, presentations, and roundtable discussions with experts in a wide range of fields. Company  Big Think Website Twitter Facebook Instagram



Yassan’s activities were featured on the global online news site Yahoo! Due to the impact of the worldwide media coverage last month, awareness of Yassan’s activities seems to be spreading to the North American and Israeli media, as GPS art itself has become so pervasive that it is no longer a special expressive activity. However, it seems to be evolving as a new form of message utilizing this expression. We hope that this article will help to spread the culture of drawing giant messages. ArticleThis wedding proposal set a world record in Japan Yahoo! Yahoo! is an US-based information technology company that provides Internet-related services. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Yahoo! operates Yahoo-branded Web services as well as media brands such as TechCrunch, AOL, Engadget, and RYOT. Company  Yahoo! Website Twitter Facebook Instagram


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Yassan’s work has been featured on Upworthy, a global online news site, which is the two-top online media outlet in the U.S. with BuzzFeed. The current status is unknown, but at its peak, it is a huge medium reaching 80 million people per month. GPS art has spread as an extension of exercise, but we hope that this article will trigger the spread of the culture of drawing huge messages like a marriage proposal on GPS around the world. ArticleMan travels 4000 miles to spell out ‘marry me’ on Google Earth and that’s as romantic as it gets Upworthy Upworthy is a website dedicated to positive storytelling. Upworthy delivers social messages worldwide based on independent research by journalists. Operate  GOOD Worldwide Inc. Website Twitter Facebook Instagram 2023/1/4 Postscript: Published in other media This article led to media coverage around the world in December.Here are just a few of the representative articles.

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Yassan’s artist activities were introduced in SoftBank News, a web magazine by SoftBank Group that introduces interviews with experts and artists as well as small stories useful for daily life under the theme of “IT x Lifestyle”. Yassan’s work was introduced in a brief overview of GPS art and how to create it. Yassan also drew SoftBank’s mascot, Otosan-dog (a white Shiba Inu), in Tokyo. In addition to the social distance of the times, the online marathon that was derived from the social distance has brought about a change in GPS art in the form of a fusion with the group run culture. As a bearer of the culture, I will continue to strive to spread the joy of drawing with GPS. The article is available to Softbank subscribers and non-subscribers alike on our official website. We hope you will take a look! SoftBank News Articles on SoftBank Corp.’s businesses, people, CSR activities, financials...