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Yassan’s artist activities were introduced in SoftBank News, a web magazine by SoftBank Group that introduces interviews with experts and artists as well as small stories useful for daily life under the theme of “IT x Lifestyle”.

Yassan’s work was introduced in a brief overview of GPS art and how to create it. Yassan also drew SoftBank’s mascot, Otosan-dog (a white Shiba Inu), in Tokyo.

In addition to the social distance of the times, the online marathon that was derived from the social distance has brought about a change in GPS art in the form of a fusion with the group run culture. As a bearer of the culture, I will continue to strive to spread the joy of drawing with GPS.

The article is available to Softbank subscribers and non-subscribers alike on our official website. We hope you will take a look!

Otosan_mascot of Softbank
A GPS art of “Otosan-dog” drawn in Tokyo, about 86 km long.
Cooperated with: korottama、あけぶぅ、あっきぃ、のっひぃ、太田勝也、大内規史、藤田拓史
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