RANPO WANTED -名画に隠された謎- メインビジュアル


A new series of Yassan’s GPS Art will be exhibited in the exhibition “RANPO WANTED – Mystery hidden in a masterpiece -” in the Ikebukuro Art Galleries (Ikebukuro Montparnasse Circulation Museum), an art exhibition held in the public space around Ikebukuro Station. The theme of the event is “Edogawa Rampo,” and it is an interactive event that combines art appreciation and exploration. Artists will present works that pay homage to famous paintings from around the world. Visitors can enjoy a guessing game while appreciating the art, as they search for artworks scattered around the West Exit (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space) and East Exit (WACCA Ikebukuro) of Ikebukuro. Yassan has created a new series of GPS art, “Toshuesai Sharaku Run”, for this exhibition. With the cooperation of 15 citizen runners, drew a large portrait of 174.933 km of lines, 10 km east to west and 13 km north to south, on the former Edo (old...