The GPS Art Contest will be held at the Kanazawa Marathon Online event.

Yassan will participate as a member of the jury.
GPS art has spread throughout the running culture, and in the past two years, it has even made its way into citizen marathons. It has become a part of daily training as “drawing runs”.
In addition, citizen marathons are also connected to local community development. In other words, it is a place to practice “community development x GPS art,” which is Yassan’s goal. We hope that the participants of the event will be able to experience the historical and cultural attractions of Kanazawa, the host city, through the Drawing Run, and that they will be inspired to actually visit the city someday.

Another member of the jury, Mr. Motoi Ishikawa, is making efforts to make his hometown, Kanazawa, a city of GPS art.
Kanazawa is a rare city in Japan that has never been affected by war. The road plan of the castle town developed during the Warring States period has been maintained to this day. Kanazawa Castle Town, with its unique maze-like road network, has an affinity for GPS art.
Various GPS art events have been planned and realized in Kanazawa.

The familiar cityscape can be seen from a different perspective through GPS art. We hope you will join us and enjoy a little bit of the extraordinary running of GPS art.

Kanazawa Marathon Online GPS Art Contest


Kanazawa Marathon Online participants only

* To confirm your online participation in the Kanazawa Marathon, please send a screenshot of the TATTA event screen showing that you are currently entering the marathon along with your entry.


Apply via the application form

Please fill out the form and attach a screenshot of your GPS artwork.
Submitted images will be posted on the Kanazawa Marathon Online GPS Art Contest’s Instagram and Twitter pages.
One “Grand Prix,” “Semi-Grand Prix,” “Kanazawa Prize,” “Hyakumangoku Prize,” “Kenrokuen Prize,” “Toshiie Prize,” “Omatsu Prize,” and “Wakaitikara (Young Power) Prize” will be selected from the submitted artwork.

■Application Period

September 9 (Friday) to October 10 (Monday), 2022

GPS art “run” and “submitted” during the above period will be considered for judging.

■Member of the Jury

  • Yassan (“World’s Largest GPS Drawing by an Individual” Guinness World Record Holder)
  • Motoi Ishikawa (GPS artist living in Kanazawa City)
  • Kanazawa Marathon Promotion Section Chief
  • Chairman of the Kanazawa Sports Business Association

■Prizewinners and Prize-winners Present

The following prizes (one for each) will be awarded by a panel of the jury.

Grand Prix & Semi-Grand Prix

Certificate, Leather Notebook, Kanazawa Gourmet Set
Kanazawa Premium Beef Curry 5 servings (Gogo Curry), Toriyasai Miso Well-Balanced Set (Matsuya), 2kg Hyakuman Goku Grain (Yoneshin Ishikawa), Assorted Beavers (Hokuriku Confectionery)

Hyakumangoku Prize, Kenrokuen Prize, Toshiie Prize & Omatsu Prize

Certificate, leather notebook

Wakaitikara (Young Power) Prize

Certificate, Leather Notebook, Wakaitikara (Young Power) T-shirt
* The images of the winning entries will be printed on the crystal plaques and leather notebooks.