Yassan will participate as a judge in the “Garbage Pickup and GPS art Contest,” an environmental cleanup event organized by Ishikawa Prefectural Government.
The event is organized by the Living Environment Department of Ishikawa Prefecture as a fun and enjoyable way to pick up trash in order to reduce the generation of marine debris and to promote participation in cleanup activities.

GPS art has spread from running culture to the general public, but it has also found its way into non-sporting fields. In other countries, GPS art is not only used on urban road networks, but also on beaches, deserts, and open spaces where there are no roads. The creation of GPS art in open spaces is only possible if the environment is maintained. For this reason, GPS art has been developed to raise awareness of environmental protection.

Another trend is “progging,” a fitness activity that combines trash pickup and jogging, and is also fused with GPS art. Proging originated in Scandinavian Sweden, and its fusion began mainly in Europe and spread to Japan. It is recognized as a sport that is just right for the SDGs era, as it helps protect the environment while exercising.

The tracks of participants picking up debris will be turned into a giant terrestrial artwork. Please join us and enjoy the GPS art, which will also contribute to environmental protection.

Ishikawa Garbage Pick-up and GPS Art Contest


Beaches in Ishikawa Prefecture

* Mainly coasts, but also riverbeds and inland areas are included.

■Application Period

May 30 (Tuesday) to Octorber 30 (Tuesday), 2023

* Closes at 5pm on the last day.


Apply via the application form

Fill in the application form on the website below, and submit “GPS art image” and “photos of litter you picked up at the beach, etc.”.

■Winners Present

Best Award: Kano-gani (male snow crab)


Excellence Award: Noto-beef (400g steak)

能登牛 ステーキ用400g程度

Excellence Award: Hyakumangoku-no-shiro (Japanese sake) 720ml x2pics.

百万石乃白 酒4合2本

Other Awards:

  • Kobako-gani (female snow crab) 3pics. *3 each award.
  • Hyakuman-goku (Japanese rice) 5kg x2
  • Gotojima-kintoki (sweet potatos) 5kg
  • Notoshioga-korogaki (dried persimmon) 16pics.
  • Airly-flora (Freesia)

■Member of the Jury

  • Yassan (GPS artist)
  • High School Teacher (Art Education)
  • Official, Living Environment Department, Ishikawa Prefecture

■Application Notes

Please agree to the following points before submitting your application.

  • Please follow the municipal waste disposal procedures for collected waste.
  • Please do not touch hazardous materials, and contact the person in charge of beach garbage in your city or town.
  • We (Living Environment Department, Ishikawa Prefecture) will not be responsible for any illness, accident, or breakdown of personal belongings. Please be careful when working in hot weather, high waves, or on rocks. Volunteer insurance is recommended.
  • Applicants must have created their own work on foot. If the work is found to be the work of someone other than the applicant, it will not be considered for selection. Prize-winning works from other contests will also be disqualified.
  • Multiple applicants are allowed, but only one entry per person will be considered for the prize. Prizes will be sent out in early December.
  • Applicants are responsible for resolving any rights related to copyrights and portrait rights before submitting their work.
  • We (Living Environment Department, Ishikawa Prefecture) reserve the right to use the submitted works.

■More Info.

Ishikawa Garbage Pick-up and GPS Art Contest Official Website: