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Yassan will join the “Hokuriku GPS Art Club (HGAC)”, a membership group of GPS art fans in the Hokuriku region.

HGAC is an organization that plans and manages art events to deepen interactions among participants, and promotes activities that connect people to people and people to communities through GPS art.
The Hokuriku region in particular has a long history, as documented in myths such as the “Nihon Shoki” and “Kojiki”, and has been less affected by war damage than other regions. Through GPS art, we will promote the charms of Hokuriku to the rest of Japan.

As a first step, GPS art will be created in each city, town, and village in Ishikawa Prefecture, and will be combined into a single work of art called “Shokoku-Manyu Terrestrial Scrolls”. These works of art have been recognized as a supporting project for the “Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Cultural Festival” scheduled to be held in the fall of 2023.
We will continue to hold GPS art events that symbolize the history and culture of each region, and explore the potential of GPS art as a tool for regional revitalization.

We believe that GPS art is an ideal tool for learning about the local community and for tourism content. We are committed to making GPS art a part of our culture as a means of energizing Japan.

Hokuriku GPS Art Club (HGAC)

HGAC plans activities that connect people to people and people to communities through GPS art events.
GPS art is an activity that combines sports and art through the power of digital technology. It is highly compatible with tourism and has a message.
Interest and novelty are the driving forces that move people. The combination of the two can create new value.
GPS art is a great way to showcase the charm of Hokuriku to the world!

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