MARRY ME 22 July 2008 - 2 Jan. 2009 7163.7km in Japan car, ferry, walking and bicycle Authorized Guinness World Records as "the largest GPS drawing".

101 Yassan
Yassan 29 May 2010 6.706km in Tokyo (Japan) walking My name in Ginza, the city of art galleries.

103Heart (London)
Heart 11 June 2010 28.424km in London (UK) walking A project to draw “love” around the world.

104 He No He No Mo He Ji (Poitiers)
He No He No Mo He Ji 14 - 15 June 2010 32.338km in Poitiers (FRANCE) walking and car A popular face drawing among Japanese using hiragana characters "he no he no mo he ji (へのへのもへじ)" in France.

105 ‘DUBAI’ Ka Se N To I Ka N
'DUBAI' Ka Se N To I Ka N 16 June 2010 15.191km in Dubai (UAE) walking We have to do for the city with confused economy after Dubai shock; it’s called “Dubai ka se n to I ka n (かせんといかん)” in Japanese.

106 Anger (Okinawa)
Anger 20 - 21 Mar. 2011 24.633km in Naha (Japan) walking The theme of this GPS walking is the citizens anger "怒", by complex position of historical and political after the WWII.

107 Little Boy (Hiroshima)
Little Boy 30 Apr. - 1 May 2011 34.908km in Hiroshima (Japan) walking Inspired by the first atomic bomb which codenamed “Little Boy (ちび)”, had dropped into Hiroshima.

108 Fatman (Nagasaki)
Fatman 3 - 4 May 2011 27.408km in Nagasaki (Japan) walking Inspired by the second-first atomic bomb which codenamed “Fatman (デブ)”, had dropped into Nagasaki.

109 Nuke (Tokyo)
Radiations 19 June - 9 July 2011 93.304km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Hazardsymbol in Tokyo. The radius of this work is about 8km, similar to the hi-level contaminated area in Fukushima.

110 Spiral (Tokyo)
Spiral @SPIRAL 12 - 13 Aug. 2012 53.023km in Tokyo (Japan) walking A work for an exhibition @SPIRAL (GALLERY). The center of the spiral is SPIRAL.

111 Ike-Fukurou (Tokyo)
Ike-Fukurou 29 Apr. - 2 May 2013 41.881km in Tokyo (Japan) walking train tram Drawing "owl" into Toshima-ku Ward.

07 Chiba-kun
Chiba-kun 20 July 2013 - 8 July 2014 676.5km in Chiba pref. (Japan) bicycle and jogging A full-scale Chiba-kun, a mascot which motif is the landform of Chiba prefecture.

113 Beauty in Chita (Chita)
Beauty in Chita Peninsula 30 Dec. 2013 31.713km in Chita Peninsula (Japan) train, walking and car A beauty met in Chita Peninsula.

114 Sa-Ku-Ra (Aomori)
Sa-Ku-Ra 30 Apr. - 2 May 2014 317.764km in Aomori (Japan) train and car Collecting cherry blossom with drawing “Sa-Ku-Ra (cherry blossom)” by GPS.

115 Still the one (Tokyo)
Still the one 31 May - 6 June 2014 59.163km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Work for my wife. My family glows up, but we are "still the one".

08 Escargot (Tokyo)
Escargot 13 Aug. 2014 - 10 June 2015 273.450km in Tokyo (Japan) jogging and walking Drawing spiral and escargot onto main road in Tokyo.

117 HEART (Tokyo)
Heart 16 - 17 Aug. 2014 349.462km in Kanto Region (Japan) car and ferry A project to draw “love” around the world. For SONICART 2014.

118 Masu (Kanto Resion)
Masu 17 - 18 Oct. 2014 417.460km in Kanto Region (Japan) car Work for "Tokyo Designers Week (TDW)". The journey of a masu (Japanese measure box) to the exhibition site.

119 LIKE! (Nago)
Like 7 Dec. 2014 3.519km in Nago (Japan) walking Message for my sincerely friend.

120 めざましくん (Tokyo)
Mazamashi-kun 21 - 22 Dec. 2014 19.905km in Tokyo (Japan) walking A mascot character of Fuji Television (broadcasting station in Japan). © Fuji Television Network, inc.

121 ゴーちゃん。 (Tokyo)
Go-chan 28 - 29 Dec. 2014 149.284km in Kanto Region (Japan) car and walking A mascot character of TV Asahi (broadcasting station in Japan). ©SANRIO ©TV Asahi

122 AMeeT
AMeeT 28 Feb. 2015 29.284km in Kyoto (Japan) bicycle A logo of an art magazine for interview. ©Nissha Foundation for Printing Culture and Technology

123 East is West, West is East
East is West, West is East 29 Apr. 2015 18.889km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Draw "East (東)" into west-side, and "West (西)" into east-side of Ikebukuro Station.

124 HEART (Akabane)
Heart 13 June 2015 10.503km in Tokyo (Japan) walking A project to draw “love” around the world.

125 Boso Face
Sideface in Boso Peninsula 18 July 2015 270.339km in Boso Peninsula (Japan) car Sideface who is a famous singer from Boso peninsula.

129 That (Kanto)
That 10 - 12 Aug. 2015 673.249km in Kanto Region (Japan) car A logo of a sports event in 2020.

136 PEACE on Madrid
PEACE on Marid 2 - 3 Nov. 2015 14.957km in Madrid (SPAIN) walking Art project for world peace.

137 PEACE on Lima
PEACE on Lima 6 Nov. 2015 4.339km in Lima (PERU) walking Art project for world peace.

09 PEACE on Earth
PEACE on Earth 14 Oct. - 23 Nov. 2015 ?????.?km around the World *Applying for GWR airplane, car, ferry and walking Largest artwork for world peace.

141 PEACE on Tokyo
PEACE on Tokyo 28 Dec. 2015 – 3 Jan. 2016 654.144km in Kanto Region (Japan) car, ferry and walking Art project for world peace.

in Progress
04 Work in Progress (SENSE)
Work In Progress 26 Dec. 2009 - 2701.6km in Japan car and ferry collaborated with Natsu

102 Work in Progress (Paris)
Work In Progress 7 June 2010 - 40.785km in Paris (FRANCE) walking and bicycle A project to draw “love” around the world.

05 Work In Progress (Miku)
Work In Progress 23 Jan. 2011 - 1054.078km in Kanto Region (Japan) walking © Crypton Future Media, Inc.

06 Work In Progress (Nuke)
Work In Progress 16 Aug. 2011 - 711.9km in Japan car A radiation hazard mark with the radius of 100 kilometers. The center is the planning site to build Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant and Iwai-jima island.

112 TDW2013 (Tokyo)
TDW 22 Oct. 2013 25.061km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Work for "Tokyo Designers Week (TDW)". Carried a chair for the art cafe in TDW from the storage to the exhibition site.

116 GLASSES between Meguro and Mejiro (Tokyo)
GLASSES between Meguro and Mejiro 29 June 2014 25.838km in Tokyo (Japan) walking and train A glasses between Meguro (place name which means "black eye") and Mejiro (also means "white eye").

133 Apple (Ginza)
Apple 28 June 2015 12.235km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Apple by walking through Apple store in Ginza.

126 Dolphin (Shinagawa)
Dolphin 24 July 2015 10.113km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 4 persons.

127 Hachiko (Shibuya)
Hachiko 31 July 2015 9.844km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 4 persons. Hachiko who is symbol dog statue into Shibuya.

128 RedSnapper (Ebisu)
Red Snapper 7 Aug. 2015 9.445km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 3 persons. "Red snapper" which Ebisu (god of wealth) has into Ebisu.

130 Shark (Shinjuku)
Shinjuku Shark 21 Aug. 2015 9.609km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 3 persons. "Shinjuku Shark" a title of novel.

131 Shuttlecock and Battledore
Shuttlecock and Battledore 22 Aug. 2015 14.780km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Drawn shuttlecock into Akabane (literally "red shuttlecock") and battledore into Itabashi (literally "battledore bridge").

132 Sushi (Ginza)
Sushi 2 Sept. 2015 7.813km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 6 persons. Sushi into Ginza where are many number of sushi restaurant around.

134 Red Feather (Akabanebashi)
Red Feather 24 Sep. 2015 11.979km in Tokyo (Japan) jogging Drawn a “red feather”, a symbol of Central Community Chest in Akabanebashi (literally “red feather bridge”).

135 Square (Tanizuka)
Square 4 Oct. 2015 17.591km in Tokyo (Japan) walking Study for beginners.

WORLD 22 Nov. 2015 13.608km in Tokyo (Japan) jogging An Idol girls' unit "World Standard" drawn the name of their group. Planed for a TV program.

139 Bowl (Kappabashi)
Bowl 27 Nov. 2015 7.892km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 8 persons. Bowl into Kappabashi tablewear market.

140 Earthenware (Omori)
Earthenware 3 Dec. 2015 6.089km in Tokyo (Japan) walking "Walkshop" by 2 persons. Earthenware into around Omori midden which is the first midden found in Japan.

on the Table
301 HEART (Paris)
Heart in Paris 1,430 x 1,000mm drawing on a map 2010 Price: ASK

302 HEART (London)
Heart in London 700 x 580mm drawing on a map 2010 Price: ASK

303 HEART (Hokkaido)
Heart in Hokkaido 1,000 x 715mm drawing on a map 2010 Price: ASK