Yassan has been working in a variety of fields with the mission of creating a culture of drawing with GPS.

Yassan is a “roadscape artist” who makes art out of the records of his movements. Just as roads and buildings embody the results of human experience, his paths embody GPS logs of the experience of movement in the context of landscape.

British Land Art advocated the importance of using one’s body as a tool in the production of specific places. The concept of “sculpture” is born from the intertwining of one’s body and nature. Richard Long and other land artists emphasized the “spirituality of contact with nature. They revered the earth and atmosphere, and sublimated the act of interacting with them into art.

Yassan, on the other hand, focused on landscapes (roads) as a consequence of human activities. Roads and buildings are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of people’s lives piled up like layers, and the current landscape is a representation of the result. Using the current landscape, GPS art is considered as a device to experience the non-existent activities that took place there. In other words, we see GPS art as a tool to promote awareness and to experience the history and culture of the region.

Yassan draws something by moving, and at the same time, he uses it as an opportunity to experience the historical culture of the region. See how he interprets and traces the landscape and rearranges the “visit”.



Yassanは、移動した記録をアートにする「歩く芸術家(roadscape artist)」です.





GPS Drawing: MARRY ME in JapanWorld’s Largest Marriage Propose Message

This is Yassan’s first work of GPS art. It started with a very private concept.
He was inspired by the idea of “giving the world’s biggest proposal message”, and I came up with the technique of drawing with moving tracks using GPS. To realize this concept, He quit his job and traveled across the Japanese islands for six months.
This work was authorized by Guinness World Records as the “Largest GPS Drawing,” making it the “World’s Largest Proposal Message” on record.



GPS Drawing: PEACE on Earth

World’s Largest Peace Message

Yassan traveled around the world, and the local people in the places he visited turned on and off the GPS loggers, and this world peace message transcended region, race, and religion, and was drawn by people from all over the world.
The letters were distorted because they did not pass through countries where GPS is prohibited (China, Russia, etc.), conflict areas caused by extremists (Iraq), and areas that cannot be visited due to contagious diseases (western Africa). We proved that true REACE can be portrayed when these problems are solved.



GPS Drawing: PEACE on Funabashi

Peace Symbol onto WWⅡ Remains

A peace symbol was drawn on the site of the former Japanese Navy radio base. The center of the mark is the antenna of the former “Naval Wireless Telegraph Station Funabashi”. It is a war heritage known for transmitting the message “Nii Taka Yamanobore 128” (symbol of the start of the Pacific War) to the troops attacking Pearl Harbor.




GPS Drawing: Little Boy in HiroshimaNickname of Atomic Bomb into Hiroshima

Drew GPS art messages on foot, translating the nickname “Little Boy” of the atomic bomb into Japanese, around the site where the bomb was dropped.
By walking around the site of the hypocenter, which was particularly devastated, he was able to learn about the reconstruction of the area and the value of peace.

実際に落とされた原子爆弾のニックネーム“Little Boy”を日本語「ちび」に訳して、広島の爆心地を中心に、GPSの軌跡で徒歩で描きました.


GPS Drawing: Fatman in NagasakiNickname of Atomic Bomb into Nagasaki

Drew GPS art, translating the nickname of the atomic bomb “Fatman” into Japanese, by walking around the sites where the atomic bombs were dropped.
By walking around the areas that were particularly badly damaged, he was able to learn about the reconstruction of the area and the seriousness of the damage.



GPS Drawing: Road to "Entrance to an Unnamed Place" with Nigel Hall

Realize the Concept of Nigel Hall’s Artwork by GPS Drawing

The concept of Nigel Hall’s sculpture “Entrance to an Unnamed Land”, “the anxiety of entering an unnamed land and the trajectory of wandering in a psychological way”, was recreated with GPS drawings in the surrounding area of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the exhibition venue.
A text-based guide map was created and placed beside his work. By following the guide map, visitors can experience the concept of the work (wandering in a strange land with only a text-based map and the same sense of anxiety).



GPS Drawing: Chiba-kun in Chiba pfef.Realize the Concept of the Mascot Character of Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture’s official mascot character “Chii-ba-kun” was created based on the silhouette of Chiba Prefecture.
In order to recreate this concept, he actually ran and biked around Chiba Prefecture along the prefectural border and drew it by GPS.




In order to promote the culture of drawing with GPS, Yassan launched a course guide portal site.
He has been uploading course plans every day for more than 1,000 days, and as the number of course plans has increased, he has created a more convenient database that everyone can search by location, distance, and theme easily.
At the same time, he has added some of the leading course planners in Japan as members, leading to the launch of the first and largest GPS art platform in Japan.